Q: There's a photo in your gallery that I really like. I'd love to have it on my home or office wall. Can I buy it? How can I do it?
A: Yes, many of the photos are available for purchase and you can easily do it by just clicking the green "ADD TO CART" button at the bottom right corner of the photo. You can choose from a variety of products, such as canvas, mounted and framed photo prints in various sizes. Before making you order you can preview the product and crop it to your liking. There are even short video clips showcasing the product you are considering. In addition may choose from a selection of other photo merchandize such as mouse pads, key tags, mugs, t-shirts etc. When you are ready to complete your order, just fill in your credit card information and the product will be shipped to your address in a few days (depending on your selection).

Q: I found a photo that I really like and would like to buy it but can't find the "ADD TO CART" button at the bottom. What's going on?
A: Some of the photos, such as most photos with recognizable people are not available for purchase. You can only enjoy them here on my site:)

Q: Why is there a www.juhaphotography.com watermark in the photos? Will this also be visible in the photos and products I purchase?
A: The watermark is there to protect against illegal use and copying of my photos. It will not show on any of the prints and other merchandize ordered from the shop.
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